About Me


I spent nearly two decades living as a touring musician before an interest in linguistics led me to the world of academics (though, these two lives overlapped for a good while). So, after writing too many papers in too many vans, planes, clubs and coffee shops, I completed an Honors Undergraduate degree in April of 2013 at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin V. Tucker. After several more papers written in several more buses and planes, I completed a Master’s degree in experimental phonetics in April of 2014 under the co-supervision of Dr. Tucker & Dr. Terrance M. Nearey (also at the UofA). I have since found a home in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I’ve been continuing my doctoral studies at the University of Canterbury under the supervision of Drs. Jennifer Hay and Viktoria Papp.

My primary academic interests lie in acoustic and articulatory phonetics, speech processing, speech production, sociophonetics, and psycholinguistics.



Heading to a Spontaneous Speech workshop in Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Giving a talk during the University of Canterbury Thesis in Three competition


So THAT’S where the magic happens…


I try to eat pizza in absolutely every city I visit (above: London, England)


I spent a lot of time on this bike
(above: somewhere in Saskatchewan, Canada)


(Somewhere in Wisconsin, USA… USA!  USA!!!)


(Drumheller, AB, on a trip with my dad)


For years I tooled about NZ on this beast with my dog-buddy, Lo Pan

…we had some pretty great adventures, but recently said goodbye to our old friend. More moto-adventures to come when we return to Canada!